Mikael Elley

Chief of Staff

Mikael Elley, Karma’s Chief of Staff, is an accomplished executive who has served on Karma’s leadership team since the company’s inception in 2014. As Chief of Staff, Elley supports Karma’s global expansion plans, corporate structure, and vehicle and technology programs. He is responsible for leading the Office of the CEO and Operations including, Manufacturing, Logistics, Purchasing, Human Resources, Administration, IT, Legal Compliance and audit, and intellectual property.

Elley is an experienced leader with an in-depth knowledge of the automotive, technology and financial services industries, and has also served as Chief Information Officer and Vice President of Planning and IT at Karma. Prior to this, Elley was Vice President, Services at RJT Compuquest, Inc, a leading management and technology consulting company.

Elley holds a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science degree in Economics from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark.